Roles: Creative Lead, Experience Design Lead

Based on our user research, we reimagined what it would be like to test drive a new vehicle, minus the stress. What if we gave customers 24 hours to take a Camry home and learn about its capabilities and features? Would that change the tide of perception amongst potential and returning customers? 

Initially a blue sky concept to take the dealership out of the confines of its traditional boundaries by bringing vehicles to the customer, we decided an iterative approach was best. Utilizing existing backend systems, collaborating with partner agencies, and gaining buy-in from the most innovative dealerships in the region, the program was piloted at five Southern California Dealerships in the summer of 2015.

Potential and returning customers were targeted by email and iAds and driven to our scheduler tool. Each dealership set aside specific inventory for the program, which represented a cross section of available Camry models. We ensured the in-dealership experience would be friction-free by visiting each location and tailoring our messaging and signage to the individual dealership needs. 


Journey Maps





User Testing + Affinity Diagram

Final Designs


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