Responsive Redesign

Role: Experience Design Lead

Experience Lead on the discovery, recommendations and road map for the pitch to not only serve from a single code base, but optimize and enhance the experience for our customers.

Continued as Experience Design Lead on a small, agile team of creatives, technologists and producers. Co-locating in a war room for three+ months, we reinvented, one section at a time. 

Our approach was to build all viewports in parallel, ensuring all relevant content was well-accounted for within the experience.

After careful consideration of the dependencies, ideal user experience and traffic patterns, the Model Landing Page was the first section we redesigned. The page was broken down into "tiles" and we divided and conquered. We sketched, prototyped micro interactions, then segued into design and code rapidly.

Discovery Process and Experience Recommendation

The War Room

Sketches + Wireframes

User Testing - Affinity Diagramming

Annotated Comps

Final Designs (Live Site)

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