Role: Experience Design Lead

Lead the discovery, recommendations, road map and execution for the Entune redesign. Rather than simply refactoring the existing, broken Entune experience into a single code base, we saw the opportunity to optimize and consolidate content while completely redesigning the information architecture to minimize existing pain points. The new Entune would serve well as both a marketing tool for intenders and an educational tool for owners by creating distinct sets of content for each within one, unified experience.

Discovery + Recommendation Deck

Research inputs from Experience Design, Content Strategy and Digital Strategy were synthesized into a unified recommendation for the Entune product site.

1 in 10 shoppers cited in-car technology as a primary consideration while shopping for a vehicle. While our personal device technology is continually evolving, our expertise as users isn’t necessarily keeping pace. Some of the most frequently asked questions received by Toyota’s customer call center referred to Entune. Toyota sought to leverage digital support content to reduce these questions. Some forward-thinking dealerships were even holding classes for new car buyers to learn how to use their in-vehicle technology To reduce call volume, we had to optimize Entune’s content and make it a better resource for both owners and intenders.

Upon first glance, Entune appeared to have hundreds of FAQs arranged hapazardly and repeated throughout the experience. Some dated back to 2004. After a thorough content audit, we found there were only 21 different questions, proving that the current state of Entune didn’t provide content clarity for either intenders or owners.

The recommendation centered on a content-first approach, clarifying the content strategy, taxonomy and governance.


Final Design: Owners (left), Intenders (right)

The Entune Design Story (video created by Laycee Fan, Senior Art Director)

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