Role: Experience Design Lead

Experience Lead on the discovery, recommendations and road map for the Entune pitch. Rather than simply refactoring the existing, broken Entune experience into a single code base, we saw the opportunity to optimize and consolidate content while completely redesigning the information architecture to minimize existing pain points. The new Entune would serve well as both a marketing tool for intenders and an educational tool for owners by creating distinct sets of content for each within one, unified experience.

Continued as Experience Design Lead on a small, agile team of creatives, technologists and producers, co-located in a war room setting. 

The Entune Design Story (video created by Laycee Fan, Senior Art Director)

Discovery + Recommendation Deck

Collaborative effort amongst Experience Design, Content Strategy and Digital Strategy to synthesize research inputs into a unified recommendation for the Entune product site.

Final Design: Owners (left), Intenders (right)


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